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Drilling Plastics

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Figure 7-65. For best results when drilling plastic, use a plastic-drilling bit. These special bits are ground at a steep angle to make a smooth cut in different types of plastic.

When drilling plastics, work at a fairly slow speed, between "Slow" (700 RPM) and "0" (1050 RPM). The larger the hole, the slower the speed should be. If you go too fast, the bit will heat up and melt the plastic.

Don't use brad-point bits; you will dull them. You can use a twist bit, but you risk splintering certain types of plastic. The best bit is a special plastic-drilling bit. These bits have a tip ground at 60° for a smoother cut in plastic (Figure 7-65). Warning: Do not use twist bits to drill plastics. They will splinter certain types of plastic.

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