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Setup and Features
Drill Bits
Drill Press Safety
Drill Press Speeds
Laying Out the Work
Supporting the Work
General Drilling
Drilling at an Angle
Drilling Using Special Setups
Drilled Moldings
Metal Drilling
Drilling Plastics

Drill Press
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Mastering the techniques in this chapter will enable you to perform operations that you might have thought impossible. Layouts and setups are featured that will add a professional dimension to your projects.

Drill Press Mode - Setup and Features

Figure 7-1. The accessories that are used for drilling operation are the (A) worktable, (B) rip fence, (C) miter gauge, (D) drill chuck and (E) drill bit.

Use the accessories shown in Figure 7-1 for drilling operations. To set up your Mark V in the drill press mode, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your machine.

As you work in the drill press mode, you'll find that the Mark V is an extremely capable drill press with several special features:

  • The distance from the chuck to the table can be adjusted to 26" and from the chuck to the floor to 58".
  • The drill chuck holds bits with shanks 3/64" to 1/2" in diameter.
  • The quill extends up to 4-1/2", and the depth control (quill feed stop) can be set to automatically stop the quill at any point from "0" to 4-1/4".
  • The table tilts from "0" to 90-degrees (Figure 7-2).


  • The rip fence and miter gauge can be used to help hold and position workpieces.
  • With
    Figure 7-2. In the drill press mode, the table tilts from "0" to 90-degrees.
    a wide range of speeds, the Mark V can drill a wide rangeof materials-wood, plastic, and metal.









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